Power Systems Fitness Equipments


Club Mats

All-purpose 2 color mats offers 3/8 padded surface and insulation for floor exercises. Odor, stain, and moisture resistant. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. rolls for easy storage.

Premium Yoga Sticky Mats

Mats offer a secure adhesive, textured surface and firm, cushioned support. Lightweight and extremely durable, these mats are ideal for yoga as well as stretching and Pilates. Wipe clean with a damp cloth; roll for easy storage.

Yoga Blocks

These lightweight, durable foam blocks are a perfect tool for additional support during transitions and poses. The six sides of the Yoga Blocks are three different sizes. Use the side that is sized to meet your needs and goals.

2 sizes, 2 colors! For additional support during transitions and poses, these lightweight, durable foam blocks are the perfect tool. Choose the thickness that meets your needs.

Available in 2 levels of thickness and 2 colors. 9" L x 6" W.

Core Roller

Build firmer and stronger abs. Extra-wide single wheel with ergonomic handles lets you perform roll-outs, inch worms, lat/diagonal pulls, and rolling planks.


VersaSteps for balance training combine balance training and motor skill development. Arrange in any pattern and step from one to another. Use in balance training, group classes, mind and body, rehab, and youth or senior programming.

Bullet Belt 

 (Pop/Rip Feature)

Improve stride length and frequency in the same run! Unique design uses variable Velcro closure to modify resistance for athletes at any level. Free-swivel D-ring on belt allows for training in all directions.

The Bullet Belt comes with either a "Pop" option or a "Pop & Rip" option. The "Pop" feature option causes the athlete to pop free from the handle and starts the over-speed training. The "Pop & Rip" feature option gives the coach more control over the duration of the resistance run and the moment of release into over-speed training. A quick pull of the integrated cable forces separation at any point during the training run. A steel release cable and a carry bag are included with the "Pop & Rip" option only. Choose the option below that best suits your needs.

Bullet Belts for both the "Pop" and "Pop & Rip" options are constructed of high-quality nylon with a steel D-ring, Velcro tail, and PVC handles. Belt circumference is 54". Red/Black.

Premium EVA Foam Roller

EVA foam rollers are constructed from high quality EVA closed cell foam resulting in a roller that feels soft to the skin while still providing excellent support. Designed for heavy use these rollers will maintain their shape and firmness longer than open cell and non EVA rollers.


The closed-loop design of this 5cm flat band fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs, so you can exercise the muscles of the hips and legs. Versa-Loop: 30cm L.

Quick Cone Hurdle Set

The Quick Cone Hurdle Set allows for a variety of agility and foot speed drills by allowing for three adjustable hurdle heights. This hurdle set adds variety to foot-speed and agility drills. Multiple set-up options let you create different patterns for developing quick foot lift and control.

Cone Hurdle Set (Set of 4)

Cone Hurdles Plyometric Hurdles from Power
Systems, Inc. Perform forward, backward, and lateral training runs and jumps. Ideal for agility, speed, and plyometrics. Adjust hurdle height from 10cm to 65cm in 5cm increments to target specific training goals for any athlete. Multiple set-up options let you create different patterns for developing quick foot lift and control.

Power Chute

Resistance and over-speed training during the same run.  Training: Increase speed, explosiveness, and acceleration. The Power Chute provides both resistance and over-speed training to improve the 2 key elements of speed: stride length and frequency. Chute opens during training runs for resistance and the Velcro belt allows for mid-stride release for over-speed training.  
Motivation: Athletes love that "shot of the canon" feeling immediately after releasing the Power Chute. 
Diversity: Waist belt allows for training in any direction, even on curves. It is the ideal training device for most sports.
 Superior Product: Built-in mesh panels keep leads from tangling and help to stabilize the chute during training runs. 
Power Chute includes: Adjustable belt with storage pockets (fits 20" to 42" waist). 1 lb each.

Premium Versa-tube 

Resistance Tube

Perform strength and fitness exercises with the Premium Versa-tube tubing through a full range of motion. Resistance tubing is available in multiple resistance levels to accommodate all your fitness needs. 
Nylon handles with premium padded grips. Tube length: 48".


 For quality and durability, this professional-grade stability ball fits the bill for any fitness or athletic facility. PVC. Tape measure included. 
55cm,65cm,75cm,85cm Available in Blue,Black, Gray,Green.


The perfect exercise tool to tone and strengthen the muscles of the lower body. New double-lock system ensures tubing remains intact while performing multi-directional movements.
Versa-Cuffs Long allow for increased range of motion and more dynamic moves. Padded ankle cuffs are now 2" longer to accommodate more users. Adjustable Velcro straps provide a secure, comfortable fit. Incorporate into fitness, Pilates, rehab, and conditioning activities. Versa-Cuffs: 12" length. Versa-Cuffs Long: 20" length.

 Agility Domes Set 
(Set of 40)

Create infinite training patterns to develop overall agility and balance. Use agility markers for multiple cut drills where athletes need to get low to the ground and touch the marker. Multiple colors provide high visibility and cues for change of direction.

 Durable, easy to see markers. Made of PVC, domes will not break when struck.

Use indoors or outdoors. Set includes 40 domes (10 of each color) and stacking carry handle. 7" diam. x 3" H.

Short Cone Set (Set of 40)

Basic markers at an affordable price. Made of strong, pliable PVC, cones resist damage from direct foot strikes. Use indoors or outdoors. Set includes 40 cones (10 of each color) and stacking pin.

Bulk Resistance Tubing

Bulk resistance tubing are perfect when you need quality and quantity. Latex tubing cuts easily with scissors so you can customize the length of your resistance tubing to suit your needs.