Fisiocrem Solugel

fisiocrem Solugel 

What is it? 
Fisiocrem is an effective, natural massage solution to care for the muscles and ligaments following injury related to daily 

activity or intense physical exercise, and for temporary relief of muscle aches. 
What is in it?  

You already know the value and use of Fisiocrem in easing muscular aches. You know that the plant active ingredients have been in traditional use for many, many years based on old traditional folklore and healing. But modern science brings many new insights into active ingredient plants, their components and activities. 

Arnica montana 

It is probably one of the best-known herbs worldwide for its use in natural medicine. Arnica has become famous for its role in Homeopathic medicine where the dilution of the plant is used as a first oral treatment for shock, trauma and body injury. Arnica pure herb extracts, when applied topically are extremely effective in treating soft tissue injuries and especially for recovery from bruising. 

Hypericum perforatum  
Commonly known as “St John’s Wort”, the oily extracts are right red in colour from the active components, hypericin and hyperforin. St John’s Wort has a long history for its use in soothing damaged and irritated nerves commonly found in whiplash, low back pain, sciatica, strains and sprains. 

Calendula officinalis 
Plays an important role as a topical anti-inflammatory, assisting the dispersion of swelling, and providing a calming relief for angry localised tissues. 

Melaleuca alternifolia 
The Australian Tea Tree oil, well known in Australian folklore, this plant has recently become the subject of science for its use as topical pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and assistance in microbial preservation of pharmaceutical products. 

Fisiocrem contains high levels of active plant extracts. These are not homeopathic dilutions. They are concentrated pure herb extracts derived from plants that are grown and harvested to specific requirements especially for Fisiocrem. Fisiocrem does not contain parabens, hydroxybenzoates or any other artificial preservatives. 
Why use a natural anti-inflammatory rather than a chemical anti-inflammatory? 
One of the main advantages of using a natural anti-inflammatory such as Fisiocrem is that there are no drug side effects. This is a high quality product that regulates the inflammatory process, reduces swelling and pain based on the optimal combination of plants extracts that have been used for thousands of years and are well known for their medicinal properties. Using this we can help the body to heal the injury effectively. 
How to use it? 
Take a liberal amount (approximately 1 teaspoon) and rub gently into the affected area, use as often as required, normally 2-3 times per day. The more you apply or the longer you rub the greater the effect will be. Fisiocrem is easy to use and has a pleasant natural fragrance. Fisiocrem is suitable for use before and after the application of therapeutic Ice or Heat and can be applied prior to support bandaging. It can also be used as a coupling agent with physiotherapeutic ultrasound. 


Fisiocrem Solugel 60ml.

Fisiocrem Solugel 250ml.

Fisiocrem Solugel 750ml Massage Solution for Professionals